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Mind;-Consciousness, to be worried or hurt by; feel strongly about.

Gap;- Opening, empty space between things, interval, interruption


Mind the gap, is a way of saying “ pay attention to the gulf between” in particular to be aware of the divisions which exist in the world between poverty and privilege, between ignorance and knowledge, between deprivation and opportunity.

Mind the gap, is a way of saying how much we care, we feel strongly about, we are willing to take some responsibility for the effect that our lives are having on those on the other sides of the divides. A recognition that there is no security for us when our neighbour is in need.

Mind the gap is a way of saying that we are hurt by the continuation of obsolete practices to the advantage of the few. Hurt by the accident of history that is the interruption of the natural process of growth and improvement and its replacement by economic bondage.

" Mind the gap" was chosen as the motto of Synaptic because it expresses the ideas set out in the above lines, and is also a pun on the original derivation of the name. The Synaptic gap is the gap which separates individual nerve cells in a network and across which electric signals jump in order to pass information. This is a metaphor for the role of the organisation as a bringing into proximity of people and bodies with potential, in order to permit the exchange of skills and knowledge through ever growing networks.